Effects of Bulimia to the Body and Mind

Bulimia is one of the most commonly talked about eating disorders and can cause many problems to a person suffering from it. In particular the effects of bulimia to the body and mind are the major issue that should be taken into consideration.

Bulimia nervosa is a psychological condition that manifests itself through unpredicted eating behaviors followed by self-induced vomiting or intentional purging methods such as laxatives, excessive exercise, fasting, diuretics, in order to avoid increased weight.

Individuals that are suffering with this disorder will have a tendency to eat huge amounts of food that consists of thousands of calories, which they afterwards ‘purge’ using one of the purging methods. Often, bulimics will purge the nutritional value of food from their bodies through inducing vomiting.

Bulimia to the Body and Mind

Bulimics, in many cases, make use of other purging methods such as laxatives in order to make their movement of the food faster through their body, decreasing its nutritional value.

Bulimia, an eating disorder, is most commonly takes place in women because they are overly concerned about their self-image and appearance. Miserably, in these days, the media depicts the extremely thin women as role models, and this leads to distress to those girls who always try to fit into unrealistic expectations.

Women who drop with a case of bulimia are by now looked with a problem regarding their self-esteem and their body image that can cause them to seek attention through losing more and more weight.

One statistic, in what bulimia can do to the body and mind, illustrate that every one out of seven college-aged women is suffering from a problem with bulimia, making it evident that it is the most widespread eating disorder in society today.

Let’s find out some of the effects of bulimia to the body and mind of a sufferer with the intention that you can know precisely how severe the disorder can be.

Effects of Bulimia on Body

When a person restricts the body to accept the type of nutrition that it needs through the food intake, then it can lead to many negative consequences because the body struggles its hardest to continue operating generally.

Effects of Bulimia on Mind

The mind of a bulimic can suffer through the feelings of depression and anxiety, and a low self-image that frequently passes through. One of the main effects of bulimia that can arise in women suffering from bulimia is lack of menstrual period. The menstrual period may come at irregular times, and may even stop occurring at all.

The purging methods that most of the bulimics make use of can lead to several dental problems as the regurgitation of acid levels in the stomach can cause destruction upon the mouth. Tooth cavities and corrosion of tooth enamel are the most common effects of bulimia found in people who are suffering from bulimia. However, gum disease is another possible bulimia side effect.

Effects of Bulimia to the Human Heart

One of the most lethal effects of bulimia is the damage it can do to the human heart. There will be an irregular heartbeat leading to heart failure, lowered blood pressure in people suffering from bulimia.

Effects of Bulimia on Stomach

Ulcers may takes place in the stomach, and the stomach may rupture. An Individual suffering from bulimia can become weak, and there may be dehydration as a result of deficiency in fluids present in their bodies.

The digestive system will be affected. Constipation, diarrhea, and abdominal contraction may take place in those with the bulimia disorder.

If you recognize someone suffering from a problem with bulimia, it’s important to show your concern towards his or her health. Try to be kind and compassionate towards them when speaking and convincing them.

It is also very important to remember effects of bulimia to the body and mind. Keeping this in mind never give statements with which the person may feel shame and guilt of their condition.

So, do your best in helping some one with an eating disorder by making realization that treatment can only help them feel better in avoiding the wrong path that they are passing from.