Eating Disorders

What are eating disorders is a query that arises among most of the people. Eating disorders is usually described as a set of disorders characterized by physiological and emotional disturbances in food intake and has negative effects on the body.

What are Eating Disorders Known To Medicine

What are eating disorders known to medicine is the next that arises among the people. There are numerous types of eating disorders known to medicine, but the most common are bulimia nervosa, anorexia nervosa and the binge eating disorder.

These three conditions manifests themselves in different ways and have distinct causes and effects, but are equally dangerous to health and life threatening in severe cases.

In many cases sufferers may find themselves hospitalised needing treatment. Treatment could be anything from monitoring to actual surgery, depending on how much damage is caused within the body. The majority of hospitals now a days have an excellent level of care, however if you have been unfortunate enough to receive poor care, sites such as medical claims provide information on the complaints and claims procedure.

Eating Disorders

In addition to these three, there are many other eating disorders such as hyperphagia, rumination, pica, which are less harmful or have milder effects; thus they are not in view upon with the similar reluctance.

What Are The Causes Of Eating Disorders

Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder that is characterized as a psychiatric condition that has an impact on health mentally and physically. It is typically related with body image distortion and a huge part of the total anorexia sufferers consists of young women than men.

The preset idea that the need to improve their body to a specific form that is considered by our society as “perfect” directs people to change their eating habits such as voluntary starvation, excessive exercise, taking diuretic drugs, diet pills and so forth.

These becomes the cause for anorexia nervosa eating disorder and they can lead to extremely unhealthy effects on the stomach, esophagus, and to the complete digestive system.

Purging through vomiting, laxatives and other related methods are usually related to bulimia rather than anorexia. Bulimia will have the same psychological causes but the basic idea behind it is to “trick” the body in the eating process.

Individuals, by eating an excessive amount of food, feels the satisfaction of eating without caring for the nutritional value and then through purging methods expels it out. With this the elements such as the fat and calories from the food are abolished.

Mainly it has two main negative aspects. Through vomiting, the levels of acid will be increased and forms up in the stomach and esophagus that can get damaged rapidly and the body will be in such a condition that it doesn’t accept the essential quantity of vitamins, minerals and other nutritional elements from the food.

So from the above, it is clear that in both these cases, an eating disorder is in 90% of the time caused by psychological factors. The remaining 10% may be due to intolerance to some forms of food. (Eating Disorders Treatment Centers)

Such as a person may occur a calcium eating disorder due to the lactose intolerance, although not completely psychological causes.

What are eating disorders known to medicine also considers an unhealthy diet as an eating disorder. For instance, a regular diet that contains lots of fast-food, too much roasted food, excessive coffee and alcohol consumption, short of vegetables and fruits and other related diets are some of causes of eating disorder.

These types of diet eating disorders will not cause with a psychological condition, rather they can simply be caused due to our daily schedule or lack of deviation in one’s eating behaviors.

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